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Digital and Analogue Mastering can be a little confusing at times. So, here at DTA we’ve made it as simplistic and as competitive as an Egg and Spoon race. Learn More


Digital and Analogue Mastering can be a little confusing at times. So, here at DTA we’ve made it as simplistic and as competitive as an Egg and Spoon race. Learn More

Disjointed Textures are now offering a mastering service at seriously competitive prices.

Its Easy! All you have to do is click the select your master button, select the mastering service you require, complete the checkout process and you can upload your music right away from the my account page! Alternatively you can return at a later date and upload your music from my account. sit back, relax and wait (5-7 days) to receive your music in your email mastered to a high quality. We have even written up some handy FAQ’s (see below) to ponder over.

Digital .wav Master £10

4 Digital .wav Masters for the price of 3 £30

10 Stem Mix & Digital Master £25

30 Stem Mix & Digital Master £50

Analogue .wav Master £15

4 Analogue .wav Masters for the price of 3 £45

10 Stem Mix & Analogue Master £35

30 Stem Mix & Analogue Master £60


  What is mastering? Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement. Why do i need it? As we stated before this is the final step your audio makes before its released to the public if you want your music to stand up against some of the biggest artists (with very expensive studios and outboard equipment) in clubs or on MP3 players its best if you master your audio. How Long Will It Take Before My Song(s) Are Finished? Our standard turnaround time is based on studio workload, but generally speaking you can expect to have your songs back within 5-7 days. What perimeters must my track comply to for a successful master? Your mix can be uploaded safely and securely via our upload form on the right hand side of the page. Bypass any master bus compression / limiting / widening you may have your master bus before upload.

  • File Type : Wav
  • Bitrate : 16 – 24 – 32 bit / 44,100 khz, 48khz, 88.1 khz, 96khz
  • Headroom : -6db or below.

What Is Stem Mastering? Stem mastering is the process of level balancing and editing multiple consolidated groups of instruments during the mastering process. It allows the engineer to get much deeper into a mix, and has the possibility to allow for more control over the final master. Where can i hear samples of mastering? The SoundCloud Player to the top right of this page is loaded with before and after (B/A) clips from masters we have done in the past. Can you mixdown my music? At the moment we do not offer a ‘Mixdown’ service but if you would like to contact us using the contact tab we are confident we can negotiate a price and service with you


First, record / bounce your final stereo mix as you would normally. This should be a 24 or 16 bit stereo file at the same sampling rate as your session. If there are any “mastering plugins” on the master output you can leave these on as this will give us a reference point as to how the mix was sounding at your end.

Create a folder on your hard drive and label it with the name of the song. Name the file ‘your song name.wav’  and put it into the folder. At this stage please remove all master bus processing that has been added purely for level. Anything that has been added at the end of the mix solely with the intention of making it louder can be removed however any compression that has been written into or mixed into and is integral to the sound of the mix can and should be left on. Likewise, any EQ or stereo enhancement plugins that are essential to the sound and vibe of the mix should be left on. Those that were “thrown on” at the end to make it wider and brighter can be removed. Then without changing any levels, plug-ins, automation or anything else create your stems as per the below instructions and add them into the folder with the bounce of your full mix:


Kick Stem Example Mute (or disable the outputs of) all tracks except the kick. Record (or bounce) this kick-only stem through your normal stereo buss (including any stereo buss processing as described above). Don’t change any settings. Name the file 1.Kick.wav.

This process is then repeated for all stems. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MONO TRACKS for any stems including the kick and bass. Include all buss processing that is on the stems that you are bouncing. If making multiple synths stems, you MUST bounce each part out with it’s respective effects on. That is to say if your lead sound has been sent to a bus with reverb on it, we want the lead sound WITH the reverb on. We don’t want a “dry” lead sound, loads of other “dry” sounds and then a bus of “reverb” – that is no good to us at all! If we have had prior communication as to what stems we are after then continue with this process to provide us with the list of stems we have pre arranged. After making up the stems, open a new DAW session and import these new stems. Listen to be sure you have included everything that’s in your stereo mix. If you are happy with your mix and we haven’t had any prior communication, don’t make lots of stems. These basic 6: kick, drums, bass, synths, vocals & FX are ideal. If however you are unsure about something in the mix then separate it out and run an additional stem. If you separated the bass as well as the synths, vocals, kicks, FX and drums, you have now recorded 7 files including 6 stems and the stereo mix into [Your Song] folder. All files must be in stereo – each bounced the same way through your stereo buss output.

Get your music mastered!

Complete your purchace and upload from the MY ACCOUNT Page



Get your music mastered!

Complete your purchace and upload from the MY ACCOUNT Page

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